Accounting services

Keeping records and compiling relevant declarations in order to determine the liabilities owed to institutions


Payroll services

Calculation of remuneration, for people employed pursuant to a contract of employment or civil law contracts.


Advisory services

Support in conducting a business as required and expected by the customer



Performing activities aimed at determining the financial result, closing the books, and...


HR services

Keeping personal files and records to determine the remuneration amount correctly.


About us

Our accounting office operates on the basis of an accounting certificate entitling us to provide book-keeping services, certificate No. 18611/2007 issued by the Minister of Finance on 8 August 2007. Our website contains information both on the activities we perform and plan to expand, and information on companies cooperating with us, i.e. experts in various fields.

We provide accounting services for both individuals and companies. We also specialise in corporate accounting. In short, we offer professional accounting, which includes comprehensive corporate financial and accounting services as well as HR and payroll services. Accounting services offered by us are a combination of an individual approach to the customer,  expertise, professional advisory services as well as attractive rates. We do our best to make our services meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Therefore, our offer has now been expanded to include access to online accounting, preparation of business plans, assistance in applying for EU funds or representation of the customers before relevant offices.

Our team comprises experts with many years of experience who have effectively represented taxpayers during numerous audits. This is our guarantee that your finances will be under the care of experts. Out timeliness, accuracy and knowledge make our services remain at a high level, with the range of our customers – both from the Province of Łodź (Sieradz, Zduńska Wola) and from Wrocław, or nationwide, growing steadily.

Currently, we already have two accounting offices – Wrocław 50-020, ul. Józefa Piłsudzkiego 74/219B and Sieradz 98-200, Aleja Grunwaldzka 13/21.

See our offer for more details and find out what our customers think about us in their references.


Buchalter-Tax Accounting Office deals with:

  • accounting (e.g. keeping account books, keeping records of fixed assets, drawing up declarations and reports),
  • HR (e.g. calculating remuneration, keeping personal files, recording work time),
  • providing advisory services and assistance (e.g. fixing outstanding payments, preparing business plans, representing the customers before the Tax Office and Social Insurance Institution).

Accounting services

If you have your own business, it is a good idea to get support from specialists who provide accounting services. This will not only give you an efficient financial and accounting support, but you will also be able to avoid problems arising from not knowing the current legislation.

We offer comprehensive services, including drawing up tax returns and other documents, keeping the revenue and expense ledger, flat-rate tax on registered income without deductible costs as well as tax advisory services. We also assist in keeping records of VAT purchase and sale.



Promotion for new limited liability companies !



Offices in two cities

Our customers have two locations where we have our offices to choose from. In the central part of Poland, in Sieradz and in the south-west part, in Wrocław.


We are on the list of licensed and reliable accounting offices. We constantly improve our qualifications.


We share reliable knowledge that you can refer to on our Blog.

Satisfied customers

Our office has been operating for 6 years, providing support to small and large companies. Our satisfied customers are not a result of a coincidence. You can also take advantage of our knowledge.

Buchalter-Tax has two offices. In Sieradz and in Wroclaw
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